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There is a lot to learn when opening up a new franchise, especially if it is your first time.  One thing that is great about purchasing a franchise is the startup and ongoing support from the main franchisor.  But as part of your critical education, how much is discussed about one of the most important elements of your new business, the franchise signs? 

Hand & Stone Channel Letters

Franchise Sign – Illuminated channel letter sign

Your signs are a reflection of your choice to invest in the franchise.  It is the first thing people see before walking into the front door of your new business.  They have to find you and see your signs before they even walk in to meet you or before any transaction occurs.  A few years ago, a sign manufacturer performed a study of its clients to find out whether their signs were bringing in customers. The businesses surveyed were a year or less old and the surveys were conducted within 30 to 45 days after the installation of a new sign. Thousands of shoppers were asked, “How did you learn about us?”

The results, shown in Table 1, clearly demonstrate that the signs attracted half of the start-up businesses’ new customers – more than any other form of advertising the businesses used and even more than their word-of-mouth referrals.

Table 1: How did you learn about us?
Number of Customer Responses

On-Premise Sign

Word of Mouth


Yellow Pages









Percentage by Category







Naturally, as your business becomes more established, more of your sales will come from repeat customers and fewer will be directly due to your sign. But that does not mean the sign has become unimportant. On the contrary, you must constantly remind your regular customers that you are there. Even more importantly, studies show that on any given day, as many as 35% of the people passing your business have never seen it before and could become first-time customers because of your sign.

How much about signs and potential costs for new signs did your franchisor share with you in training?  Do you understand what steps it takes for a sign company to design, manufacture, and install your new signs? 

Franchise Sign - Reverse illuminated channel letters

Franchise Sign: Reverse illuminated channel letter sign

The first step many new business owners take is to just start calling sign companies they have found through a referral or the internet.  They learn quickly that there are a lot of questions that are asked by a sign company, and they have to explain the same information over and over again to try to get quotes for what signs are needed.

When calling to request a quote, especially if you know nothing about signs or it is your first time, here are a few pieces of information that will be helpful to have gathered before hand:

  •         What you want your sign to say (or what is allowed by the franchise)
  •         What kind of signs you need inside and outside. (Channel letters, window graphics, ADA signs, monument tenant sign, pylon tenant signs,message boards, interior door signs, directional signs, etc).
  •         A copy of your signage requirements.  This is usually a paragraph or so written into your lease that explains the specifics on signage you will be allowed at your new location.
  •         Pictures of building front, walls, windows, etc. where ever you want your new signs.
  •         An idea of the size, colors, lighting, thickness, etc that you might want or that is allowed.
  •         Graphic design artwork such as .ai or .eps files of logo and business name
  •         Full exact address of location site the new signs
  •         Your opening date

If you have all of this information before calling any sign companies, the entire process will go so much more smoothly.  At 360 Signs, we assist new business owners and help explain all the steps needed to make this process go as smoothly, in the end, saving you hours of research, effort, and stress and getting the best value for your sign investment.    If we have already been working with your franchisor, we will already have much of the information required, making the process even easier for you.



  1. I completely agree. Your store sign represents your company and if it looks good, it will attract customers.

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