360 Signs | Franchise Signs – The Value of Good Communications


Effective communication between a new business owner and a sign provider is essential when choosing a sign company.  Over and over again we get calls with people frustrated by the lack of returned phone calls from sign companies.   We also get a lot of calls from people that are already working with a sign company, but struggling with uncertainty on progress and overall communication.

Make sure, that the sign company you choose to build your signs is:

  • Responsive from the beginning.   Being able to reach and speak to your sign rep or a live person that can connect you to the right person is important.  If your sign company answers the phone on the first ring, it says a lot about how they value customer communications.   If you always go to voicemail, it tells you where you stand on their priority list.   Ongoing communication can take many forms, a phone call, a short email or text to answer questions or update you on status, but that first phone call tells you a lot about how the company operates.
  • Has a positive and quality reputation.  Research the companies you are considering.  Read through online reviews and/or any feedback given from clients.   This is a case where quantity counts, a company with 25 or more positive reviews or testimonials had to deliver great results over a long period of time.   Are communications mentioned specifically in the reviews?    Good communications gets recognized.
  • Willing to answer questions.  This is important especially if this is your first time going through the sign purchasing process. Educate yourself as much as possible going into the process and the steps you will be guided through from the initial survey, estimate, fabrication, permitting, and installation.  Make sure you understand the timeline, your contract terms, and areas that you are responsible for like electrical connections.

Good communications is a two way street.  Not only does your sign company need to communicate with you clearly, you need to make sure to be responsive and available as well in case questions or vital information is needed.  Clear communication from both sides of the sign purchasing process will make the whole experience much more effective.


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