Commercial – Interior – ADA Signs

Architectural signage for buildings is generally required to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act.  This signage has become commonly known as ADA signage.  ADA signs are regulated by the federal government and may be customized as long as your sign is within the requirements provided in the act.

ADA signage is used to identify permanent spaces in a facility including restrooms, offices and exits.  It also directs to or describes accessible features within the facility.  They are used in commercial buildings, offices, schools, hospitals and retail establishments.  ADA sign reqirements cover Braille, non-glare backgrounds, high dark/light contrast to make it easier to read, legible often upper case fonts and installed adjacent to the space they identify, and the placement.  They are often plaques and can be made of plastic, aluminum or stone.

ADA signs don’t have to be boring, ours are functional, ADA compliant and look great!  360 Signs can help you with the creation, fabrication and installation of the ADA signage that would best represent your organization.  You want to be ADA compliant, be sure to work with an ADA expert.  We are located in Austin, Texas and look forward to working with you.