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What is acrylic?  Acrylic is a synthetic polymer derived from methacrylic acid.  Methacrylic acid, a monomer, when processed through polymerization forms the polymer polymethyl methacrylate.  In 1933 this polymer was produced by the Rohm & Haas Company under the name Plexiglass.  Acrylic “glass” is a safer alternative to natural glass.  Due to its make up, acrylics are more flexible and while being as strong as glass are half as dense.  Acrlyics however, do scratch easier than glass.

acrylic sign panel with vinyl lettering

Today acrylics are used in a myriad of products.  Since it is easy to bend, cut and join acrylics have replaced glass in many consumer applications.  In the sign business we use acrylics in many different ways.  For lobby signs we use transparent and frosted acrylics for lobby sign backer panels.  The acrylics are durable, less expensive and much lighter than glass.  The typical thickness for a lobby sign backer panel is between one quarter and one half inch.  Like its natural counterpart acrylic can also be etched.  Acrylic letters are also often used in the sign business as well.  Using acrylic letters is a less expensive alternative to metals and can be painted and cut to almost any shape or color.  Acrylic letters also hold up to the elements and can be used in exterior and interior applications.

At 360 Signs we do not look at acrylic as the plastic alternative.  We see acrylics for what they are, highly durable and customizable building blocks.

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