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Recently we had a request for a new lobby sign.  The client, Noc Place, wanted something with depth and color.  They also had a budget of less than a thousand dollars.

The best material when trying to create depth on a budget is Gatorfoam.  Gatorfoam is an extruded polystyrene foam board bonded between two layers of Luxcell, a wood-fiber veneer.  Gatorfoam ranges in thickness from three sixteenths of an inch up to two inches.  For Noc Place we used the two inch thick material to meet their depth requirements.  Another great aspect of Gatorfoam is the colors.  We were able to paint the material to match Noc’s exact PMS colors.  Since Gatorfoam really is two materials sandwiched together it is not recommended to install the sign using studs.  We flush mounted Noc Place by attaching the letters to the vinyl pattern using 3M’s VHB tape.  The vinyl pattern also helps to remove the sign if the customer ever decides to move.  Working with Noc Place was also made easy because of their artwork.  Having a vectorized logo is a must when it comes to custom signage.  We were able to take their logo, scale it and send it into production in a short amount of time.  Overall the project only took two weeks from ordering to installation.

Knowing the right materials will enable a good sign consultant to create the right sign for the right budget.

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