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Large corporations, cosmetics companies, retail stores, entertainment venues and sports teams are a few of the primary organizations that have utilized large scale printing to make large scale impacts in marketing their brands, products and events.  The sign industry, through the advances in printing technologies, is leading the way in developing large impact, creative marketing tools for companies of all sizes.  One of the tools being utilized is Building Wraps.

Hotels, commercial properties and retail shopping centers invest in building wraps to help mask construction or preservation projects.  Shopping malls advertise seasonal events.  Professional leagues transform a commercial center.  Whatever the objective, these simple, but impactful promotional tools are not only excellent ways to grab attention of consumers/customers, it is an extremely cost-effective way to advertise when compared to other forms of traditional media – television, radio, print.

Building wraps are not for the inexperienced.  They require a production environment equipped with tools and skills for tiling, printing, handling and finishing these large wraps; the intricacies of printing on certain materials; managing permits; and supervising installation.

Building wrap projects often use vinyl or mesh material that allows for visibility through windows and stands up against wind and other conditions.

360 Signs will meet with you to discuss ideas and come up with a plan of action to provide you with a cost effective design. Although building wraps are often seen from afar and often viewed while on the move, color accuracy, print quality and resolution are still very important.  Correct color is always essential, especially for brand owners and marketers creating a multi-channel campaign.

Installation requires certified, insured and experienced professionals.  This ensures safety, compliance and proper installation without wasting time or money.  Installation needs vary depending on the building.  Some wraps require partial closure to parking lots or streets and as such can only be performed on certain days or hours.  Weather and climate may also affect installation.

Considering the investment an organization spends on a building wrap, it must look exceptional and survive long term.  The potential return on investment is huge.  For more information on this contact 360 Signs today to explore the benefits of this unique but effective new way to make a large impact using space you may have never considered before.

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