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Recently we completed a job for our client Continental Collision.  To add some more visibility to their building Continental Collision wanted some illuminated channel letters that could be seen from the road approximately three hundred feet away.

We used thirty-two inch tall front illuminated channel letters.  At thirty-two inches in height the letters are legible at seven hundred and fifty feet.  Inside the actual letters are two hundred and ninety-three LED modules with four LEDs each, for a total of one thousand one hundred and seventy two individual LEDs.  All of this produces about one hundred and seven lumens.  The amazing part is ninety modules, or three hundred and sixty LEDs, can fit on one twelve volt sixty watt power supply.  This is what allows for all the energy savings.  Over time, roughly two to three years, the energy savings pay for the extra cost of LEDs vs. traditional neon lighting.  LEDs also allow for thinner channel letters if space limitations are an issue.  The channel letters themselves are made from .040 aluminum with a .063 aluminum backer panel.  This allows for a sturdy durable construction.  Translucent acrylic faces are used to allow light out of the front of the channel letter.  To create custom colors translucent vinyl can be printed and applied to the translucent acrylic to create almost any color combination.

At 360 Signs we are committed to providing our clients with superior service and quality.  We also make an effort to be environmentally conscious and making our clients aware of the possible energy efficiency and savings LEDs provide over neon.

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