Austin Signs | Clinic Interior Signs


Finding your way through the maze of offices in a building can be a daunting task without the right signage.  This article we will give you ideas to create a way for your clients to navigate this maze.

An interior directory sign is the first sign a bewildered client seeks when trying to find your clinic.  A legible directory will help your client find their way.  Maps and color coding can make your directory easy to read and follow.  Digital directory and signs are an interactive way for clients to ask specific questions or for clinics to provided detailed information.  Once inside an office complex overhead signage and wall graphics and window graphics can act as beacon for your clients.  Overhead signs can indicate where your office is or where the nearest bathroom or exit is located.  Wall and window graphics let your clients know which office is yours along with wall numbering and lettering.  LED and digital overhead signs in an office can update clients on their wait times and room information.  LED and digital signage is highly customized and can display images or text.   To display pricing or services, light boards are an effective way to convey this information.  Light boards are easy to read and can be changed or updated with ease.  If your clinic is having and event or sale, a banner sign is a great temporary or permanent fix.

Interior signs can be complex as digital signage or as simple as a banner sign.

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