Austin Signs | Color Management Benefits


Color management can provide substantial benefits for clients and sign companies alike.  It enables sign companies to produce consistent high quality digitally printed signs that meet even the most demanding client’s expectations.  This is particularly important for applications like trade show graphics.

Steve Gustafson from Sign Solutions HD in Pondray, Idaho wrote an interesting blog article entitled “What is Color Management?” where he comments: “Color management is a defined procedure for maintaining consistent, predictable colors from scanning to proofing to final print.”

One of the ways that this is achieved is through frequent calibration of all of the monitors and displays in the design and production areas of the sign company.   With this in place, initial color proofing can be done on monitors vs. printing samples; this speeds response time as well as reducing costs.   If the client has similarly calibrated systems, initial proofs can be reviewed and approved electronically, which streamlines the design process.   Color matching to an existing piece can be done more effectively when all of your tools are properly calibrated.

With a properly implemented color management system a sign company can consistently and predictably deliver graphics that can enhance every client’s sign.

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