Austin Signs | Commercial Signs – LED Signs vs. Static Signs


LED signs are dynamic, eye-catching on-premise signs.   According to the SBA (Small Business Administration), “Signage is the least expensive, yet most effective form of advertising for your business“. Those who invested in an outdoor or indoor LED sign saw a sales increase of 15 – 150% over a period of a year.    Since LED signs will last for many years it is easy to see how they can be cost justified and provide a great ROI (Return On Investment).

Advantages of LED Signs over Static Signs:

  • Motion grabs attention
  • Bright illumination attracts attention
  • Increased viewing distance
  • Changing messages hold viewers interest instantly, it changes while they drive by
  • Changing messages hold viewers interest over time, as they drive by day after day, the LED sign doesn’t fade into the commute scenery
  • High resolution graphics are attractive, like television
  • Message content can be adjusted easily
  • Message content can be time of day or day of week specific
  • Messages can promote specific products
  • You can program in message changes, days, weeks, and months in advance

If you are considering a new sign or a sign upgrade, do the math, an LED sign could be your best investment.


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