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It’s the 21st century; the world of Generation Now, Facebook and instant access to just about everything. Today’s consumer wants a new kind of shopping experience, one where the retail environment mimics the dynamic, engaging experience of the Web 2.0.

Making your retail environment a dynamic space helps you capture the attention of today’s consumers. Digital signage in your retail space increases your customer’s engagement with your store and helps to increase sales.

Digital signs in your retail space can serve several purposes. First and foremost, they can communicate information about products and services to customers in without the help of a salesperson. This allows the product to sell itself rather than high pressure sales techniques, almost an inbound marketing approach to what is usually a direct sales experience.

Secondly, you can update digital signs as often as needed depending on current specials, trends and other news. Traditional signs have to be replaced whenever prices, specs or specials change. This costs money and employee time. You can change digital signage quickly, efficiently and as often as needed and even set up a predetermined schedule to target specific audiences at specific times during the day.

Digital signage can go beyond communicating information. It can turn into a full-service retail and information station your customers can use to educate themselves about your products, industry trends and up-to-date news.

If you have been looking for a way to breathe new life into your retail space, considering adding digital signs and dive into the 21st century.


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  1. This is an exciting avenue of signage, one that I could easily see as becoming the norm. People are becoming more and accustomed to interacting with their environment via touch and LCD screens. Almost every consumer over the age of 13 has a media-capable cell phone, access to a computer and possibly a tablet. While digital signage may seem novel and interesting to a consumer, it will also be immediately familiar to them. Aside from the advantages from a business’ point of view of programmable and interactive selling tools, a consumer benefits as well by being given a variety of information quickly and easily, without high pressure sales techniques as you said.

  2. I think soon everyone will begin taking advantage of electronic signage. It is a major benefit to business owners to tweak and change your signs purpose throughout its lifetime. This alone should be worth the extra costs. Having an electronic sign that is vibrant, moving, and interesting is a great way to attract new customers and promote foot traffic. Now with touch screen displays, signs can even be used to track their own effectiveness, customer tendencies and customer satisfaction. When used in this way a company’s signage becomes an asset as opposed to just another advertising cost.

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