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Installing Pad Mounted Dimensional Letters

When installing dimensional letters to the exterior of a building you normally have two options in regards to how to secure the letters to the surface; stud mounting or pad mounting. For this particular installation, the landlord required us to have their installation pad mounted to the face of their building. Pad mounting is beneficial for several reasons, the main benefit being that there’s no drilling required. We installed this dimensional letter building sign in Austin, TX for a client who chose to use .25″ thick lettering giving their logo sign a stronger dimension and depth.









Step One: When pad mounting dimensional letters to the exterior of your building, you first want to layout your pattern to insure that your letters are well spaced and level guaranteeing the highest quality results.








Step Two:  Once you have your pattern securely mounted to the building, cut away 75 percent of your pattern leaving only the bottom section as a place holder. Then apply a silicone adhesive to all pads of the first letter. Position the letter on the wall where indicated by your pattern. Once the letter is secured to the wall reinforce the letter with several strips of masking tape to ensure the letter does not slide giving the silicone enough time to dry.








Step Three: Continue with the remainder of the letters, allowing the silicone to dry for at least 60 minutes before removing the masking tape.









Remove the pattern and you are finished!









This Corporate Identity sign in Austin, TX is securely mounted and will look beautiful for years to come.

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