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What is the most famous sign in the world?  Using Google images it looks like the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles is the most famous sign.  The second most famous or recognized sign is the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

What is great about both of these signs are how different they are.  The Hollywood sign, formerly Hollywood Land sign, is simple.  The sign was originally erected for promotional purposes to garner attention of a new housing development called Hollywood Land.  Over time and after being vandalized numerous times the sign fell into disrepair.  However, due to the signs iconic status the City decided to repair the sign.  The “Land” portion of the sign was removed and Hollywood was kept.  In the 1970’s donations were made to permanently repair the sign.

The “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign could not be more different.  This sign truly encompasses all that is Las Vegas.  The sign was originally built as a gift from a local sign company.  YESCO, the sign company who built the sign, stills owns the sign and leases it to Clark County where Las Vegas is located.  While the sign was never copyrighted, it is a registered historical landmark.

Another iconic sign has to be the Colgate clock in New York City along the Hudson River on the New Jersey side.  The clock was built in the 1920’s situated at that time near Colgate’s headquarters.  After the headquarters moved the clock still remained and was recently moved to accommodate the new Goldman Sachs headquarters.  Today the clock is maintained by Goldman.  Being visible along the West Side Highway the clock remains an iconic symbol.

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