Austin Signs | Faux Stone Signs


One style of signage that never goes “out of style” is the look of stone.  It seems like no matter the decade, it’s rare that a stone structure would be considered outdated or tacky.  The highly attractive appearance and longevity makes stone monument signs a popular and effective medium for signage.

The number of different style of stone to choose from is as numerous as the many different styles of signs that exist.  But just because a sign incorporates stone in its design doesn’t mean that actual stone is the best option.  In fact, faux stone can often be the ideal substrate that allows for design creativity, cuts down on production time and requires little maintenance.  All these advantages while maintaining the elegant look and durability you desire in your sign.  Faux stones give a sign a richer look but at an affordable price.  With faux stones you also have more room for creative design.  Because of the weight of real stone, it normally can only be used in the base of a sign.  However, with faux stone you have the ability to use the stone look in all areas of your sign design.

In considering the design for your faux stone, you should take into account the natural rock and stone of the area you are located and the building you are placing the sign in front of.

You have probably driven by faux stone monument signs before and never realized it wasn’t actual stone or brick.  Often real estate subdivisions, apartment complexes, banks and industrial parks often use faux stone in their monument signs.  From three feet away you wouldn’t be able to tell the stone work wasn’t real stone.  It is also a very durable material that will maintain its look and quality for many years.  Installation is also a very easy process and saves you time and money.  To install real stone, you need the help of a mason and are subject to his timeline in constructing the stone structure.  A faux stone monument sign can be installed in a couple of hours.

In summary, faux stone is durable, versatile, easy to install, cost effective and can be turned around from design to installation in only a few weeks.  Faux stone is a popular and cost effective way to build a Cadillac sign on a Chevy budget.

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