Austin Signs | Five Keys to a Great Retail Sign


retail building signs, retail blade signs, retail store signs austin texasThe five keys to a great retail sign are:

      1. visibility
      2. legibility
      3. style
      4. uniqueness
      5. price 

Without visibility you do not have an effective sign.  Creating a visible sign is essential and can be done several different ways.  Creating a good contrast between your sign and its surrounds is crucial.  Your sign needs to stand out!  Using external and internal illumination options can also increase your signs visibility.  Correct placement of your sign on or in front of your building is also a crititcal element of good visibility.

Second, your sign needs to be legible.  Using the right font, size and colors play a critical role is your signs legibility.  Again contrast plays a role in your signs readability.  Using the right color contrast will help make your words stand out.  Also avoid using certain colors.  There is a reason a lot of signs use white, black and red lettering.  Blues and yellows can be hard to read without the right contrast. 

Your sign needs to fit your style.  Having a very modern looking sign at your traditional furniture store is not a good fit.  Also, your sign needs to incorporate consistent materials.  Be aware of your style before you commit to a sign.  Your sign is an extension of your brand and needs to look that way. 

Having a unique looking sign will help your sign stand out in a retail setting.  The point of a retail sign is to draw the attention of potential customers.  Unique signs help set your business apart from the rest.  While a unique sign will differentiate your sign, remember that it still needs to be legible.

Price always comes into play on a sign.  Your budget is critical to detemine what type of sign your sign company can create.  Having an adequate budget will allow your sign company to use price appropriate materials and create a sign that meets your needs and will deliver results that will pay-off.    Signs are a marketing expense, much like advertising or other promotional programs.   They will deliver tangible results, so it isn’t the right place to pinch pennies.

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