Austin Signs | Formula One Comes to Austin


While 360 Signs is a nationally recognized and has clients all over the Country, we are located in Austin,TX. Austin is the Capital of the great state of Texas as well as the “live music capital of the world”. For the past fifteen years Austin has shed its local legend status and has begun to reach a global audience. Austin emerged on the global scene about ten years ago with its music festival Austin City Limits and South by Southwest. Austin’s global ranking is about to get even larger with its latest addition Formula One.

Formula One is a racing league akin to NASCAR or Indy Car in the U.S.  That is where the similarities end.  American viewership of NASCAR is on the decline, the average race has an audience of roughly 6 million viewers.  Formula One on the other hand has an increasing viewership with an audience upwards of 525 million viewers per race.  As Formula One or F1 as it is referred to rises the average race will bring an audience roughly 100 times larger than America’s most popular motor sport.  Economically this will be a huge boost to the Austin economy and the US economy as well.  There has not been an F1 race in America since 2007.  The Austin economy is expected to benefit in the tune of 300 million dollars annually from the race.  This is larger than the top three current Austin money makers: University of Texas football, South by Southwest and Austin City Limits.

As of the 2010 season there were no American F1 teams.  With the re-introduction of F1 in the United States this may change.  Not only with Americahave an actual track it will also have the testing facilities teams need.  While the United States might not have a ton of fans yet, North America does.  Currently there is a race in Montreal, Canada and Mexico City has held historic races in the past. Mexico City, population almost 9 million, is the same distance from Austin as Denver,CO.

Austin is the largest city in the United States without a tier one professional team.  With a per race viewership like F1 why have a professional team when you can have an entire league.

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