Austin Signs | Going Green with Signage


It almost seems daunting sometimes to be green. When most people think of being environmentally conscious, images of solar paneled cars and Bio-Domes are conjured. In reality, it is fairly simple to be green and make a difference. No, you don’t need to compost your own trash or grow your own food, but you do need to make a little effort.

The first easy step is energy conservation.  With increasing gas prices and limited resources, energy conservation is extremely important.  Changing your existing lights from incandescents to LED or CFL’s will have an immediate impact in your energy costs.  Compact Fluorescents (CFL) and Light Emitting Diodes (LED) use much less energy to product light.  Not only do CFL and LED’s use less energy, but they last longer as well.  So just by upgrading your lighting you are saving energy, money and reducing trash.

Recycling is another easy step.  Most large cities today have recycling programs along with their trash service.  Throwing used items away in the proper recycling receptacle will greatly reduce landfill waste.  Using recycled goods also helps.  Today a lot of plastic and paper goods use recycled content.  The key is finding goods that use post consumer recycled content.  Post consumer recycled goods are products that actually use consumer waste instead of industrial.

At 360 Signs we use post consumer recycled goods in our signs and LED lighting in our signs.  We also help you design and specify green signage for interior and exterior signs.  If you have any questions about your sign or how you can make it more green give us a call.

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