Austin Signs | Great Lobby Signs – Part 1 Mounting


If you are responsible for getting the corporate logo or company name on the wall in your office lobby, you have some decisions to make regarding the fabrication and installation of your new custom sign.  One of the first decisions is whether to have the logo and letters attached directly to the wall or to mount the letters on a flat panel that stands off the wall.


Even with direct mount there is a decision on whether to flush mount the letters, i.e. having the backs of the letters touching the wall or to have them mounted on spacers that will hold them ¼” to ½” off the wall.    Flush mounting can be achieved by mounting the letters with studs (metal posts that go into holes drilled into the wall) or using two-sided tape and adhesive.    Spacer mounting must be done with studs and small metal spacers that go over the studs and sit between the back of the letter and the wall.  The spacer ensures that each letter is the same distance from the wall.  

The thickness of the letter will have an impact on the amount of shadowing that comes off the letter.  Letters on spacers will have even more shadowing.


The entire logo can be directly mounted to a rigid panel that is mounted directly to the wall.   Panels are typically mounted on metal standoffs that hold the panel approximately 1″ off the wall.    Standoffs come in many sizes, shapes and material finishes.   There are also many choices for the mounting panel.    If you want to be able to see the wall though the sign then acrylic is the best choice.  But even here there are many options: clear, light frosted, frosted, acryglass and each of these come in thicknesses from 1/8″ to 1″ thick.   For solid color panels, opaque acrylic panels work well, as do metal panels.   Polymetal panels (aluminum face, plastic center, and aluminum back) are lightweight and very rigid so ideal for sign panels.   Wood and synthetic materials such as PVC can also serve as sign panels.

The letters are mounted directly to the panel.   Dimensional letters are mounted with two-sided tape and adhesive; vinyl letters are mounted directly to the panel.  On-site installation time will be less with panel mount because all of the letters can be mounted prior to delivery of the sign; installation consists of drilling the holes and mounting the standoffs.


There is no right or wrong answer for how you should mount your lobby sign.   Typically very large signs will look better mounted directly to the wall.   My recommendation is to look at examples of business lobby signs on the web and to walk around and observe other custom lobby signs to see what really grabs you.   Your lobby sign is the first impression that your clients and employees see every time they walk into your office.  What kind of impression do you want to make?

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