Austin Signs | Great Lobby Signs – Part 3 Vinyl


Vinyl letters give your sign a 2D look because the letters are thin layers of vinyl material mounted directly to an mounting panel or directly to the wall.


Vinyl letters are typically cut from solid colored vinyl.  There are many colors of vinyl and you can usually find one that comes close to the color of your corporate logo.   However, if you require a specific color that is not one of the standard colors, the letters can be printed on vinyl and then cut out and applied to the wall or panel.   Since lobby signs are indoors, intermediate vinyl will perform well in these applications.   Cutting, weeding, and applying vinyl takes some skill and practice.


If your logo has color gradients (color varies within a letter or logo element) or contains images, then the only choice is a printed vinyl solution.   The printed vinyl can be your logo on a printed background or the logo can be printed and then cut out and applied to the wall or panel.


Cut or printed vinyl is more cost effective than dimensional letters for a lobby sign.  Some logos are such that a printed solution is the only way to accurately capture the logo.  Nice vinyl letter lobby signs can run anywhere from several hundred dollars to over a thousand of dollars depending upon size and installation method.   Your lobby sign is the first impression that your clients and employees see every time they walk into your office.  What kind of impression do you want to make?


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