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In the world of custom made goods there is a correlation between time and quality.   While the materials may be the same, the size, color and installation vary.  Designing and fabricating unique signs requires time and preparation are needed to ensure quality.

Signs are an extension of your business and philosophy.  Many retail signs and restaurant signs reflect the style and theme of the business.  Thus it is paramount to have a good looking sign.  Too many businesses take the less expensive sign option.  The result is often the same, poor quality and an even poorer image of your business.  Not every business needs to “Wow” their customers or clients with their signs, but people do judge a business on its signage.  Recently I drove past as new restaurant and their sign caught my eyes for all the wrong reasons.  I will admit that my eye for signage is more acute than most, but I will let you be the judge.

Restaurants are notorious for wanting everything in a hurry.  Sometimes their sign needs are an afterthought.  This leads to desperation and a race to get something up in a hurry.  Notice in this picture how the current tenant did not take the time to paint over the outline of the previous sign.  While they have a new cabinet sign, they also have a discolored background.  The cabinet for this sign is also poorly routered.  There are jagged edges all along the curved portions of this sign.  It also looks to be off level.  This restaurant may have the greatest food in the world, but if they are happy with this representation of their image, then I would be concerned about their quality.

At 360 Signs we take the time necessary to deliver quality signs that will pay off for years to come.


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