Austin Signs | Illuminated Channel Letters


Two of the most common methods of channel letter illumination are front lit and reverse or halo lit.   Both provide excellent night time viewing and in many cases one type or the other are required by landlords for their properties.

Front lit channel letters emit light through the face of the letter or logo.  The light source is usually either neon or LED.  Faces are colored translucent acrylic or clear acrylic with a translucent vinyl print.  There are dozens of different translucent acrylic colors, but the colors have to be solid.  For gradient color effects or specific PMS matched colors printed translucent vinyl is needed.  The letters themselves are fabricated from aluminum or durable outdoor plastic.

Reverse or halo lit channel letters derive their light from reflecting light off the building or structure they are mounted to.  The front faces are solid aluminum or exterior plastic.  The lighting method of LED’s, or neon, are mounted inside the letter with the back of the letter being open.  This allows for the light to escape through the back of the letter and reflected of the building.  Reverse channel letters allow for consistent looking letters with multiple lighting color options.  Each letter can have its own color.  Take Google’s logo for instance.  The front of the sign could be a brushed aluminum finish.  During the day the faces would be uniformed.  However, at night the different colors of their logo can be cast off the building via the letters.  This creates a unique, but classic effect.

Illuminated channel letters can effectively present your brand during the day and at night.   If you want a sign that works for you 24 hours a day, illuminated channel letters are an excellent choice.

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