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Channel letters are not just for exterior signage.  For simple interior signs that need to be illuminated, channel letters are a great option.  Since channel letters are welded aluminum, they often have height and width minimums that make them too large for some interior applications.  However, if you are looking to add a statement to your lobby an interior channel logo is a great option.

For the right client channel letters in their lobby can be a perfect fit.  The depth of the channel letter gives the logo a substantial pronounced depth off the wall.  Lobby signs can be more subtle using a reverse or halo effect.  As LED technology advances so do color options.  Currently there are a wide variety of LED’s in most primary color shades.  For complex or intricate logo’s we often use a vinyl graphic for the face of the channel letter.  If there are varying colors in your logo we can use different colored LED’s to produce different lighting effects.

At 360 Signs we are committed to providing our clients with the most functional and visually stunning signs possible.  We are rarely the least expensive option, but rather the more often the most creative option.  We love a challenge and welcome the opportunity to turn your inspiration into a creative masterpiece.

photo credit to sign expo nyc.


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