Austin Signs | Laminated Letters and Panels


Many clients come to a sign company with ideas of what they want their sign to look like.  Often these ideas are good ideas and ones that would ultimately result in a very attractive sign.  However, in practice, the material costs can quickly overwhelm budgets and render the original design impractical.  There are creative ways your sign company can help you achieve the expensive look without busting the bank.  One of the materials used to achieve this is metal laminates.

Laminates can be used on a variety of substrates to give the look of a high end material while actually using more cost-effective applications.  A brushed aluminum laminate mounted to acrylic or PVC will look like a piece of aluminum.  There are other options as well in the world of laminates to give the indication of brass or copper or patina finish to a material.  Attractive patterns can be applied to a substrate to give the appearance of cut steel.  Patterns can be stamped into laminates to provide more texture in the design.  The options are limitless.

Recently, a housing development came to us wanting to attach a steel panel with cut steel dimensional letters onto an existing stone monument.  While the design was attractive, the cost of the materials were way out of their budget.  As a sign company, our job is to come up with solutions to help clients achieve the look they desire.  And through the use of laminates we were able to provide them with the “rustic” steel look that they wanted by utilizing a laminate applied to a piece of poly-metal.  We then applied a brushed aluminum laminate to cut acrylic dimensional letters for the text on the panel.  The end result was a beautiful sign that distinguished the new development and provided a monument sign that “fit” in with the high end homes in the neighborhood.  Anyone not involved in the design and construction of the sign driving into the neighborhood would see a cut steel sign with metal letters.

A good sign company will provide you with creative and effective ways to achieve the look you are after without necessarily using the most expensive materials.  If your budget allows, the higher end materials are often the best solution, but not everyone has a Cadillac budget for their signs.  The team at 360 Signs can help you determine the best way to achieve the results you are looking for in your sign, while also being sensitive to controlling costs.  Laminates are just one material option that can help you achieve big results without a big cost.

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