Austin Signs | Lobby Signs as a Brand Statement


A lobby is typically the first room of a business you enter.  Thus, this is your client’s first impression of your company’s physical presence.   Lobby signs reinforce the brand image.  Here are three distinct lobbies that communicate what their corporations do and who they are.

This is GM’s main lobby.  While the scale is larger than most lobbies, the idea is the same.  When you enter their lobby there is no question about who GM is or what GM does.  Not only does GM showcase their cars but they also have a banner with their logo and tagline.  Their new tag line is “re: invention”.

Here is a picture of the W hotel in Boston, MA.  Since the W has a more contemporary and minimalist style, their logo is pronounced but simple.  The W also went with more organic materials, with the rock façade and brushed aluminum logo mounted to it.  While each lobby at the W Hotels are different they all have the same core look.  When you walk into a W you know you are in a W.

This is a picture of one of Google’s lobbies.  From this picture you can see that Google is a little over the top.  This also shows the very colorful, playful side of this company.  All of this being said this sign makes a statement.  This is an extremely effective lobby sign.

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