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Lobby signs are an important part of the branding of a company.    Certainly there are other areas that promote the brand, such as, advertising, marketing materials, and exterior signage.   However, the one thing that every visitor and employee sees when they walk into your business is your lobby sign.   Like the architecture and furniture the lobby sign speaks volumes about your company.    The look and feel of this sign sets the tone for the customer meeting, the interview, or just the day’s work.    It speaks to the quality of the organization, the attention to detail, the longevity of the organization.    Why do all large, impactful firms have large impactful lobby signs?    They know how important it is to project a high end image.

There are many ways to create a successful lobby sign.    First and foremost, it must be true to your logo.   You can choose to use your corporate colors in the logo or go with another look completely, such as brushed aluminum or rusted metal.   Your sign designer can help you with alternatives to your standard colors if you choose to go in that direction.   Another choice is size.   Go big or go home holds true for most signs, but corporate lobby signs have to be an appropriate size for the space available.    Too large can overwhelm; too small can cheapen your brand image.    Then there is dimension.   How thick do you want your letters to be?    Thin letters flush mounted to the wall look like they were painted on.    To gain dimension you can either make the letters thicker or stand them off the wall on metal posts, called studs.    Stud mounting on spacers is less expensive than making the letter thicker.   It gives some shadow to the letters creating the perception that they are thicker than they are.     Thick letters will look more substantial.   They are typically mounted flush to the wall without any space between the letter and the wall.    Another choice is to mount the logo to a panel and mount the panel on the wall.   Panels can be made of acrylic, metal, or virtually any flat, rigid material.   Panel s are mounted to the wall using metal standoffs.  These standoffs anchor into the wall and have a barrel and cap that unscrew.   You drill a small hole in the panel and the cap holds the panel to the barrel.    These standoffs give the sign a nice finished look.    Finally, you can have an illuminated lobby sign.   These signs can be manufactured in a variety of ways and the definitely up the impact of your lobby sign.

You can go in a completely different direction and get more creative with the design of your sign.   Unique 3D shapes or exotic materials can be incorporated into your sign to make it as much a piece of art as a sign.   Some companies are choosing digital signage for their lobby signs.   This gives the company not only there name and logo, but an opportunity to communicate messages to visitors and employees.

A business lobby sign can have a significant impact on your customers.   Rather than pick something that is quick and easy, you can work with a sign company like 360 Signs that specializes in lobby signs.  They can provide some creative options and make sure you get a sign that makes the right statement about your company.

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