Austin Signs | Lobby Signs Design Considerations


Interior signage like lobby signs, directories, message boards and way finding signs are important to a commercial environment not only for telling people who you are, what you do or how to find you but they also say other things less obvious. Interior lobby signs become a focal point in most offices, directories are a necessary for finding an office and in addition they can be a wonderful branding tool.

There are as many types of lobby signs as there are lobbies. Logo, life expectancy, the office image and materials are defining factors in providing companies their “perfect” lobby sign. Dimensional letters are very popular displaying a clean professional appearance. Illuminated lobby sign are another option. A pan sign or cabinet styles are options for illuminated lobby signs.

Acrylic, PVC with laminates, wood and aluminum board signs are proven staples for lobby signs. Letters can be mounted to these boards, cut vinyl is popular and cost effective, all of these boards can be cut into any shape or the letters and logo’s can be engraved. There are broad spectrums of finishes and colors to choose from.  We can print directly on these substrates and they work well as lobby signs.


Stone, glass and tile are also used in lobby sign designs. These are much heavier options and may require additional wall bracing before mounting to your walls. Texture can be cut into the glass, stone and tile, they may also be engraved.

Interior signs can set the style, companies “theme”, or branding. These are worthy of consideration before choosing the font, finish and shape of a lobby sign. Way finding signs and the directories in a commercial building and need to take their direction from the Lobby Sign, it’s good to have a sense of continuity across your signage.

The last thing to mention is digital signage. Flat screen monitors can serve several purposes.  It can be way finding and can also demonstrate exactly what you want people to know about your company and its benefits.  You can also invest in remotely programmable LED sign and spell it all out! Whatever your choice in interior signs, 360 Signs will work with you for the perfect fit, design, style, material that will reflect your business image!

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