Austin Signs | Lobby Signs: What If We Move?


One question we get is “what happens to my lobby sign if I move my office?”    In many cases you can take your sign with you.    Lobby signs are typically stud mounted directly to the wall or mounted on a panel that is mounted to the wall on spacers.    First, be prepared for some wall destruction when you remove the sign!    There isn’t any way a large lobby sign can be removed and leave the wall looking better than when you started.   Sign companies are rightly interested in making sure that your sign will stay up, not making it easy to take down.  You or your landlord will have to patch and paint when you are done.

Removing individual letters can be easy or hard depending upon whether they sign installer simply inserted the studs in the hole and relied on friction to hold the stud in place or used some type of adhesive to secure the letters.   Friction mounts will come out and leave small drill holes.   Adhesive mounts will take large chucks of drywall with each stud.   You can minimize the damage by wiggling the letters out.  Panel s mounted on standoffs can be secured with anchors or adhesive.    The anchors will be inserted into the drywall and are typically not coming out.  They can either be pushed through the wall leaving a small hole or cut out of the wall leaving a larger hole.    The ones secured with adhesive will leave large holes when they are pulled out.

Some signs are mounted using blind mounts. The studs are on the back of the sign and there isn’t any way to wiggle them out.  It will take a big tug and the damage will be done.

If you are moving out, someone will have to remove the sign, so the damage is inevitable.

Once you get the letters or standoffs out you will have to replace the studs if adhesive was used, if no adhesive was used you can dust them off and re-use them.   Your sign company can providereplacement studs for letters or standoffs.

With some care and attention, your current lobby sign can make the move with you to your new location.   On the other hand, a new location might offer the opportunity to go to a larger lobby sign or completely change the look of your lobby sign: see our blog article on fun lobby signs.

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