Austin Signs | Monument Signs Defined


Mon-u-ment (noun) – an area or a site of interest to the public for its historical significance, great natural beauty, etc., preserved and maintained by a government.  Sign (noun) – a notice, bearing a name, direction, warning, or advertisement, that is displayed or posted for public view.

Monument signs are hybrids of these two words.  Monument signs are architectural structures that denote a place of interest, i.e. your business, and incorporate your name and logo.  A good monument sign will not only create visibility for your company, but also compliment your building.

Virtually all monument signs are custom and the material options are endless.  Recently we designed a unique monument sign using a recycled glass porcelain product called Enviroglass.  For the recycled glass content we used “glow” glass.  The glow glass uses self illuminated photo luminescent glass.  During the day the sign looks like a terrazzo façade, but at night the signs glows with an organic luminescence.  While the sign’s shape and function are not different, the unique material differentiates this sign from all others.  Actually, I do not believe a sign anywhere has incorporated this type of material.

Whether you are looking for something simple or a truly unique architectural masterpiece please give 360 Signs a call.

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