Austin Signs | Monument Signs – Letter Mounting Options


Apartment homes, neighborhood entrances, office parks, retirement facilities, nursing homes, doctors offices, cities, churches and schools are just some of the places you see monument signs.  The importance of a monument sign cannot be underestimated, it makes your business easy to find and leaves a memorable impression on all who see it.  A monument sign is part of your brand so consider a design that helps your organization make a positive first impression.








Two options for mounting letters to a monument sign are flush mounting and stud mounting with spacers.

In flush mounting the letters are installed directly onto the face of the sign.  When using this method, it is important to choose dimensional letters that are substantial enough to be visible from a distance.  The graphics and letters should protrude from the sign by a minimum of 1/4″ to 1/2″.  This give the face of your sign depth and interest.

In stud mounting with spacers the letters are secured to hardware that is then drilled into the face of the sign.  The hardware enables your letters to actually stand-off the face of the sign creating dimension.  Stud mounting provides you with the option of including lighting within or behind the letters to enable visibility at night.

Whatever method you choose, 360 Signs will ensure that you have a well designed, solidly constructed monument sign that best fits the needs of your organization.  

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