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Let’s face it, signs are everywhere. They’ve really become part of the landscape we work, walk, drive and live in every single day. Businesses use signage to advertise products or location or both. You realize your business needs signage, so you’ve already started assessing your needs. But while you know your business well, you may not know the pros and cons of signage or the difference that LED Signs can make for your customers and traffic.

Fortunately, when you work with trained professionals and a knowledgeable sign company, they’ve spent the time learning about the products so they can assess you needs and outfit you with the best signage available.   There are a lot of different brands and widely different quality levels in LED signs, you need to make sure your investment pays off over the long term.   You don’t want a poorly functioning sign to reflect on the quality of your business.

One of the most attractive options, both in your return on investment and aesthetics is LED signs. With LED signs, you’re more likely to capture the attention of a potential customer. Think about it, you’re just like any other consumer and the signs that jump out at you are LED signs. LED signs can do everything from illuminating letters to creating rich HD graphics to draw in the consumer.

Another reason to choose a sign company with experience is that we’ll reduce the risk associated with non-compliant signage. We know the regulations regarding LED signs and other forms of signage and can help ensure that your business follows regulations and has the most positive exposure through LED signs. An experienced sign company can also assist you with sign design, fabrication, deployment and maintenance.

While there is certainly an investment when you purchase signage, be it LED signs or other forms of signs, studies show that you can get $5 in sales for every $1 you invest in signage.   Signage helps capture more impulse buyers, attracts more new buyers and can increase sales by 12 percent or more.  Whether promoting a product, business building or anything else needing signage, we recommend you consider the attention getting LED signs.


  1. Patrick James Smith says:

    LED signs are a great way to attract attention. They create a moving image that is easy to read and hard to miss. They are great for high traffic areas where vehicles are traveling at high speeds. The message is delivered quickly and can be easily changed. Some businesses use them to display time and temperature as a helpful gesture to the community. LED lighting is also energy efficient and tend to have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting. If a business offers daily or weekly specials and resides in a high traffic area, LED message boards are a sure bet to attract more customers. I’ve had some experience programming messages on LED signs and the software was always user friendly and easy to use.

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