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Multi-tenant pylon sigs are a staple for any retail center.  Typically these signs are large and visible to help direct and generate retail traffic.

Most multi-tenant pylon signs consist of a aluminum illuminated light box with interchangeable panels.  The pylons are manufactured with retainers that allow new panels to be inserted.  Translucent acrylic is a common material used for the pylon inserts.  There are two types of print that can be applied to the acrylic panels.  Cut vinyl, is a cost effective vinyl application for the pylon faces.  Cut vinyl is durable; however it is not a printed material so there are limitations in color and what can be cut.  The other option is using a printed translucent vinyl.  Since this is a printed option the client can get virtually any color or image.

Many of today’s new pylon signs incorporate LED or electronic message center signs.  LED message boards allow for continuous updating and can also run advertising for current tenants.  Electronic message boards can also a great source of revenue for property owners and managers.

Updating your pylon sign should be the first step in generating exposure for new businesses.  At 360 Signs, we can build your pylon sign or design and fabricate a tenant panel.


  1. rachel kitko says:

    I’d like to hear more about the design limitations of LED signage, and see some examples. I know LED lighting offers cost-effective options for illuminating museum exhibits and at-risk documents/manuscripts, but what about the costs and benefits in outdoor lighting? Can the impact of distinctive fonts and graphics be maintained through scrolling/animation and at different scales?

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