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Pylon signs are durable, long lasting, permanent, medium to large scale, free standing structures. Single or double sided, custom paint colors are available to match your architecture or corporate identity.

Single business can use street-side, stand alone pylons.   Property managers can use a multi-tenant pylon sign with separate panels for each tenant.    Large shopping centers typically have several large pylon signs with large panels for anchor tenants and smaller panels for smaller tenants.   Typically the name of the center is on the cap of the sign.

Pylon Signs, typically contain lightboxes, and come in different shapes and sizes. For single businesses a large lightbox with lettering is affixed to a large pole or two poles. For landlords or property managers the traditional pylon consists of several lightboxes built into a base made of metal, stone or brick with each tenants logo installed onto each lightbox face.

An LED panel is the perfect upgrade for your pylon sign. This gives your clients the ability to easily display their logo or design for no additional cost. These electronic light displays are computer controlled and allow all businesses to change their company signage on the fly. LEDs present many advantages over incandescent light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime,  smaller size, faster switching, and greater durability and reliability.

There are two main choices for the cabinet sign face: Acrylic or Lexan.  Both are good products and when manufactured as part of a sign, only you will know which one you picked. However, both products do not have the same durability and usability.  Acrylics attractiveness, durability and resistance to warping make it an ideal interior and exterior sign material. It is also the most economical option. Lexan signs offer a number of advantages over acrylic with their resistance to damage being top of the list.  Unlike acrylic, lexan is very difficult to break and is well suited to applications where there could be vandalism.

The large size of pylons signs and the ability to locate them near the road or highway helps increase their effectiveness.   They are a key driver of awareness for retail and commercial centers.


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