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When is a sign too big or too small?

Sometimes signs are too ostentatious, and this is a bad thing.  Your sign does need to be visible, but it also needs to be scaled to its surrounding.  Scaling is a little less important with exterior signs, but extremely important when it comes to interior and lobby signs.  Scaling your lobby sign to your lobby area is critical (perhaps you will want to incorporate elements of Feng Shui as well).  Just because you have a twelve foot wall does not mean you need a twelve foot sign.  Two thirds scale is typical on the large sign.  Thus a large sign on a twelve foot wall would be around nine feet.  Also, the material used for the sign will help dictate size.

When your client or employees come to your lobby you also want you sign to be legible.  Why pay for lettering that you need a magnifying glass to read.  At around twenty feet one inch tall lettering is legible.  Also, be aware of color contrasts, certain colors are very difficult to read.

At 360 Signs our experienced sign consultants will help determine your sizing and material needs.  We will make sure your sign is legible and not overbearing.

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