Austin Signs | Signs of Extreme Weather


How does weather affect signs?  Extreme weather conditions have a dramatic affect on exterior signs of all kinds.  In Austin from May to October the temperature is above 100 degrees most days.

This has a profound effect on the longevity of exterior signs.  Signs with exposed vinyls and acrylics will fade and degrade faster than in cooler climates.  Around Austin there are plenty of signs with blistered vinyl on them.  Much of this happens due to the extreme heat and sun exposure.  Vinyl banners are another easy target for weather.  Banners do well is moderate temperatures and low winds.  This year a strong winter storm hit Austin.  The temperature dropped into the teens and the wind gusts were over fifty miles per hour.  When vinyl gets cold it tends to become extremely rigid.  This combined with high winds literally shattered banners across the city.  Acrylics were also affected during this storm.  Below freezing temperatures will freeze acrylics making them more brittle.

Other extremes like tornados, hurricanes and hail will destroy signs as well.  Most pole signs and cabinet signs are engineered to handle high gusts of wind, but disasters like hurricanes and tornados exceed the engineering limits of most signs.  Large panels act like sails in high winds.  Multi-tenant panels due to their size and simple construction makes them susceptible to blow outs.

When determining what kind of materials or signs you need always take weather into account.  Certain materials will either fail or degrade rapidly due to extreme weather.  While we cannot control the weather, we can control what materials to use and how to manufacture your sign to ensure its longevity.

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