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attractive sign design, effective sign design, attractive channel letter signsThe ideal commercial signs are attractive designs that are also effective in conveying the critical message. What makes a sign “attractive” and “effective?”

The Same, but Different
Aesthetically pleasing commercial signage fits in with the surrounding area, while also being unique and eye-catching.  It should have distinctive features that do not seem out of place or inconsistent with the nearby structures and environment.  If your commercial property has more than one business occupying it, you certainly want each sign to be of comparable quality and caliber.  Nothing looks worse than a nice, new channel letter sign right next to a weathered old sign with missing pieces.   In may shopping centers and office parks, the property owners have very tight restrictions on signage that are part of the lease package.   While this helps consistency, it creates challenges for sign designers to create a sign that conveys brand and message within the guidelines.

Different, and Really Different
Effective sign design draws special attention to your business and sets it apart from the competition.  Your signage should have features distinguished enough to attract the attention of anyone passing by.   There is a fine balance between too much and too little in this area.   You want a sign that has character, but you also don’t want to overwhelm the key message with a lot of extraneous elements.

Same and Same Again
Once you’ve developed a great design, stick with it.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel by having a different sign design at each location of your business or changing your logo, etc.  Everyone knows the ‘golden arches’ of McDonald’s because the repetition of that image across the collective landscape has indelibly imprinted our brains.  Reinforcement is an extremely effective marketing strategy.  As humans, we are programmed through redundancy.

Making signs attactive and effective is not easy.   Many graphic designers can create designs that look good on paper or a business card.   An experieced sign designer can create a sign that is attractive and effective when viewed from the road or across the lobby.


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