Austin Signs | SXSW South by Southwest Festival


Once again the masses have descended on Austin for another SXSW.  What will be this year’s next big thing?  Over the next week bands will be discovered, independent movies will get distribution contracts and the internet start-up will get its Angel.  To find these answers I have taken it upon myself to explore, party, and talk to those in the know.  This Sunday will be my first foray into this year’s SXSW scene. 

Chaotic Moon, one of our favorite customers, is having a party Sunday night at Lambert’s downtown.  This party should be a good one.  I will do my best not to mix business with pleasure, but that is easier said than done.  If their party is as awesome as their sign, then I am in for a treat. 

Last year one of the newest marketing tools was the QR Code.  People had QR codes on their business cards, t-shirts, posters and even tattoos.    This year social media and tailor made smart phone applications are all the rage.  With companies like Mutual Mobile, Chaotic Moon and Tabbed Out being headquartered in Austin, Austin is becoming the world leader of phone application studios. This year’s event will have a lot to offer for the tech savvy consumer. 

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