Austin Signs | Tips for Business Signs


We are very fortunate that Austin, TX has a robust economy during these difficult economic times.   The population continues to grow and the State Government and the University of Texas provide a lot of direct and indirect jobs.    As a result, there are many new businesses opening up in Austin and they need signage for their business.

On premise signage is a critical element of the success of any business, so new businesses all have signage on their list of required investments.   Retail and restaurants are two types of businesses where signage can make or break the business especially when it first opens.    Exterior signage for these businesses is typically illuminated channel letters or a cabinet sign on the face of the building and tenant panels on a multi-tenant pylon sign.   The design of these types of signs should integrate legibility and attractive elements, like this sign for an Apartment Locating service in Austin.

Pylon panels are more challenging because they are usually pretty small.   Focus on large legible letters, your logo isn’t as important as your name and type of business.   Stay away from script letters.

Depending upon the local regulations, windows can provide another area for signage.   It can be a list of products or services, or contact information, or simply the business name and hours of operation.    Window signs should be designed for walking or driving traffic depending upon the location of the business.    If there is only drive in traffic, keep the graphics high on the window to allow it to be seen above parked cars.

Some municipalities will allow temporary or movable signage.  The most common is an A-frame signs that can contain 2’x4’ worth of information.  These can be positioned in front of the business or on a nearby corner.    Banners can also work as temporary signs for key events like a grand opening or sale.   Banners quickly get worn so use them as temporary, not permanent signage.

Business need to attract new customers.  This is true of new and established businesses.   With the high population turnover and growth in Austin, even well established businesses need to be visible to new potential clients.   Exterior signage is a big investment that can pay big dividends for a business.

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