Austin Signs | Top Commercial Awning Types


Most commonly commercial awnings are still canvas awnings and canopies. There are many alternative uses and even materials for awnings that are a growing sustainable commercial trend in signage and brand identification. This 3-D storefront adds interest, color, sun screen and dimension to storefronts and entries.

Seasonal and semi-permanent seating in restaurants can be provided with screening an area in canvas again providing protection from the exterior elements. Special permitting is required however this is far more cost effective than traditional construction in time and dollars.

Awnings can be backlit or provide down lighting at entrances and storefronts. Retractable awnings, manual and remote, provide sunscreen or rain protection only when needed. Illumination is still possible in retractable awnings with proper design.

Metal and wood awnings provide many of the same advantages as canvas; they can also provide some interesting shadowing and designs. Aluminum is recyclable in addition to being light weight and malleable. The designs cut from metal and wood for awnings are limitless and less confining than with canvas awnings supported by frames.

Think awnings for a significant presence, branding and unique sign options.

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