Austin Signs | Top Three Forms of Illumination


There are several options when illuminating a sign. Signs are typically illuminated by three forms of light, fluorescent, neon, and LED’s.  Fluorescent lighting is typically used in illuminated cabinet signs.  Cabinet signs are normally larger signs with plenty of interior space to run large fluorescent tubing.  Fluorescent lighting is also easy to repair and replace.  Neon lighting is probably the most popular type of illumination, especially in channel letter signs where the light must bent into the shape of letters.  Neon tubes are highly customized and can be formed into almost any shape.  One of neon’s most attractive attributes is its brightness.  However, if a neon tube breaks or goes out it is more difficult to replace.  Also, neon uses a lot of electricity to create its luminescence.  LED’s are a relatively new method of illumination for signs.  Unlike the first two methods of illumination, LED’s do not use gas tubes.  This allows LED’s to be used in different applications.  For example, LED’s can be encased in a plastic sheathe and submerged.  LED’s also are easily replaced and require far less energy than neon.  In many applications where neon was once used, LED’s are replacing the neon.   

Many of the illumination methods have changed over time due advances in technology and modified applications using the different forms.  A sign consultant can help you find the correct lighting type to meet your needs.


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