Austin Signs | Understanding Customer Needs


Knowing your partner and their needs are critical elements to a healthy relationship.  Not only is this true with personal relationships, but it is true with business relationships as well.  Signs are typically part of an overall marketing and advertising campaign.  The purposes of marketing and advertising campaigns are to express the themes and vision of a company.  To properly execute your signage your sign company needs to know who you are.  Before I discuss signage with a client I have a meeting to determine what my client’s needs are and what they are trying to achieve with their business.  Understanding what separates your client from their competitors and what market segments they are trying to reach allows us to create signs that pay-off.   Your sign company should have a full understanding of who you are, where you want to go and who your audience is.  Currently we are working with a client who sells bedding materials.  Our client has decided to move into a different direction with their latest store.  While their previous store sells natural and synthetic bedding their new store will focus primarily natural options.  With this change in direction and focus we adjusted their brand to incorporate natural elements to their signage.  If you are selling “green” products it makes sense that your signage reflects this.  Understanding our client allowed us to take their current brand and transform it to a “greener” option for their new location.  We knew our client, knew where they wanted to go with their vision and this allowed us to make the proper adjustments in their signage. 

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