Building Your Brand – Signs Play a Key Role


If you ask most business owners about branding, they’ll tell you that it’s fairly high on their list of priorities. They’ve probably spent a fair amount of money deciding on corporate colors, on logo design, and on creating a recognizable, noticeable public image for their company.   Large companies spend millions.

It’s surprising, however, how many companies don’t actually pay attention to their brand on their signage. The reason that is surprising is that while not everyone will see your marketing materials, they will see your signs every time they drive by – and it needs to reflect your brand as much as anything else.

Here’s what your signage should be and do:

  • Continuity is key. For your signage to be effective, and carry your brand, it needs to share key design themes with your other marketing material. That way, existing customers will know it’s you, and new customers will subconsciously file your brand away correctly.
  • Quality is imperative. Just like you wouldn’t hand out badly printed business cards, cheap signage tells the world that your brand is cheap – or that you are. Image is important in business, signage reflects your brand.
  • Your message needs to be clear. Designing a sign that reinforces your brand gives the public a clear idea of what you are all about, and carries your brand theme successfully pays off in the long run.
  • It should be visible. Having a small sign that no one can see, or that’s dark and gloomy, or indistinct from a distance, does nothing for your brand – no matter how much you spend on it. Your signs need to be designed so that they are clear – even from a distance.
  • Finally, your signage needs to reflect your business image. A sign for a clothing store would be vastly different to one for a law firm, but both need to instantly tell passers by of the image of the business.

When we work with customers, we’re very careful to ensure that their signage matches their brand, and that it presents their company in the best possible light, to the people they want to reach. Your company should be doing the same thing, otherwise, your new signage might do your brand more harm than good.


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