Business Signs | Are Phone Numbers Obsolete?


Are phone numbers obsolete? 


As new technologies emerge older obsolete technologies fade into oblivion.  Wireless communication has allowed for instant access to almost everything.  Remember, at one point pagers were the pinnacle of technology.  Pagers became cinder blocks when cell phones became more prevalent.   The information posted on signs are no different. 

The phone number is becoming a piece of irrelevant information, much like the phone book.  Actually I could argue the phone book is irrelevant now.  So, are phone numbers on signs irrelevant?  They may be.  With most of the population owning some sort of smart phone, displaying one’s number is something of the past.  My parents who were born sometime during the Mesozoic era have smart phones and access to email machines and Google.  I cannot remember the last time I actually took down a number for a business.  If anything I would write down a name and Google it.  I believe this is a technique used by many people.  Some smart phones are equipped with applications that allow for pictures to be taken and the shapes to be recognized by the phone listing a business’s information.  Essentially, take a picture of a sign and the company’s webpage will appear on your screen, think of it as a functional QR code. 

Signs and what they say need to stay current with technology.  Why waste signage or usable space for something that people may not utilize.  With today’s modern technology getting your name out in the public’s eye is more important.


  1. Nice points Tom. I’d still say the phone number is useful for certain businesses – particularly those who cater to an older clientele. For the businesses that are more “on the edge” for the Millennials, then I’d say it is unnecessary. They are aware of multiple methods of quickly getting that information.

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