Chains and Franchises Can Cut Sign Cost


V=(W((100-t)/100))/C, this is one of the most important formulas in business.  The formula is a mathematical equation showing that time (v) is actually equal to money. 

The variables in the equation are as follows.


W=Hourly Wage

T=Tax Rate

C= Cost of Living

When someone says “Time is Money” they are also referring to what is called economic cost.  Economic cost is the cost of deciding to do one thing over another.  Here is an example. 


By moving closer to work I now spend less time in traffic.  I can now allocate this time doing something more productive like making or selling signs.  In business to business relationships having an “in house” sign company saves time and cost.  Also, consistency cuts down on errors and allows for a better client/customer relationship.  If you are a business with multiple locations, it also makes sense in using one sign company.  Clients know they can contact me directly to take care of any of their sign needs.  Dealing with one person or one firm is not only efficient, but puts the responsibility on one entity.  When opening multiple locations having one firm manage everything alleviates a lot of the stress and helps with any trouble shooting.    Being a company’s “in-house” sign company allows me to help dictate how signs are designed, fabricated and installed.  Every job is different, but by controlling some of the variables we are able to cut mistakes and streamline production.  Ultimately the goal of any company is to maximize returns.  One simple way of maximizing profits is cutting costs.  A healthy relationship with your sign company will help you save time and money.

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