Channel Letter Signs Attract Attention


Your business sign is not just something that tells the public your name. It is a statement about the business itself. By the same token, your logo is like a personal signature for your company. Both your sign and your logo are unique and they express a lot about the tone and style of your business, from professional to whimsical.  Often, a business sign also conveys either what type of establishment it is, or reveals much about it. They are also good for advertising purposes. The bolder and more conspicuous your sign, the more attention it draws and the more likely it is to stay in a person’s memory banks! That’s why we’d like to tell you about Channel Letters. Channel letter signs are those lighted, 3-D signs that are so cool and that YOU notice all over town!

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If you really want to attract attention to your place of business, you need a sign with Channel Letters. The three dimensional aspect of channel letter signs makes your sign and logo more visible and from longer distances. Channel letter signs also look classier and more professional than a standard, one-dimensional sign. Even in the daylight, when most businesses do not have their signs lit, channel letter signs capture the eye.

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