Channel Letter Signs Get the Word Out


Your business needs to be visible so customers can easily spot you and visit. The most effective ways to advertise your location is to have channel letter signs to get the word out. Using a reputable sign company to design and install a channel letter sign is a great way to grab attention and brand your location.

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A channel letter sign is a 3D graphic sign that is custom made to your specifications from sheet metal. Aluminum is a commonly used metal because it does not rust. The sheet metal is formed and creates the back of the channel that is used to form the letter to be used in the sign. The sides of the channel letter are then bent and welded to create a solid can in the shape of the letter. These letters are custom painted and lights are installed inside, making a channel letter sign an eye-catching addition to your business.

You can choose from having a neon lighting element or an LED light installed in your channel letter sign. Once you choose the lighting style, a translucent piece of plastic in the color of your choice is fitted over the can and light system. A capped border is installed to hold the plastic in place. The sky is the limit when it comes to different types of designs and letter styles you can choose from, when designing your channel letter sign. Since the cans are cut using a computer, different custom fonts can be duplicated and used in your sign.

In the daytime, channel letter signs are visible to passersby so they can see your location easily. At night, when lit, a channel letter sign draws the eyes of passersby and you are easily visible, even in the dark. The best first step to making the most of your signage is to contact a reputable sign company.

Channel letter signs are used by a variety of businesses. Working with a sign company, that has the knowledge and expertise, helps you design the best sign for your specific needs. They take the time to discuss your requirements and assist in the design of your sign. They will discuss what your business is about, what type of message you want to send out and what your budget allows. Retail stores, service businesses and commercial properties are all locations perfectly suited to using channel letter signs from a reputable sign company.

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