Commercial Property Owners | How to Use Signage to Retain Tenants


commercial property signage, monument signs austin texas, commerical property tenant signs austin texasThose of you who own and lease commercial property know exactly how important it is to maintain optimum upkeep on it.  This is critical for obvious reasons, not the least of which is ensuring that you attract and retain quality tenants and businesses.

Don’t Ignore this Aspect of Your Commercial Property!
Many times the commercial signs are overlooked when considering maintenance or improvements.  Signage is one feature that can either make or break the aesthetics of a property, even one with an excellent structure and expensive landscaping.  Recently we provided an on-site inspection of the signage of one of our commercial property clients.

“Not only did 360 Signs provide excellent service and workmanship on our new monument and building signage, they surprised and impressed us by scheduling a follow-up inspection to insure the signs were maintaining their appearance and construction from the initial installation.  Additional measures were taken to prevent bowing in the panels and suggestions were made to maximize lighting.  A detailed report and rating of each sign was provided for reference and future follow up.   This Company’s assessment of their work is a mark of true professionalism.”

Becky Dickerson
General Manager, Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Inc.

Signage is a Statement
Much can be conveyed about companies from the commercial signs that represent them.  Which is exactly what signs and logos do: they represent the business.  They often express what type of company it is and what services are offered.  They also communicate tone and nature.  They are as individual as the businesses they stand for.

Everyone is At Least a Wee Bit Narcissistic
And even if they’re not, every business owner, professional and service provider wants to see their public face looking its best!  By providing your tenants with high-caliber commercial signs, you can be sure you will retain your leaseholder.  It’s a win-win situation!

Everyone’s in It For the Money!
The bottom line is the bottom line!  The businesses that occupy your commercial property will not want or be able to continue leasing from you if they’re not making money.  Providing and maintaining quality signage will help you retain your tenants.  Again, it’s a win-win situation and everyone benefits.

Attracting tenants to your property is important, keeping them is even more important.   They are like repeat business to a retailer, the most profitable type of client.



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