Commercial Signage Delivers Tangible Benefits


steel dimensional letters stud mounted to building faceThere are few investments that a professional entity can make that will have a more drastic impact on its success than signage.  Quality, commercial signage can make the difference in any business.  We recognize companies based on their signs.  Had it not been for the original sign years ago, people would not recognize Big Boy restaurants by a boy in red and white checkered overalls.  Years later, those signs are still a defining piece of Big Boy’s success.  Travelers don’t look for a red roof with yellow trim, they look for the golden arches.   Commercial signage helps potential customers identify you.  Whether you are looking to open an office in your local community or a chain of big-box stores across the nation, your sign identifies you so that you can be recognized coast to coast.  With the right sign, a company can become more than just a location, they can become a destination.  Many business owners think that a sign is just a frill and any old sign will get the job done.  Hiring a professional team to design and build their sign is nothing more than a luxury expense that is nice if there is a lot of money in the budget, but not necessary to increasing sales and revenue.  We must tell you this is not the case. 

Your commercial signage does make a difference to customers.  Is your sign physically attractive to the eye?  That is the first criteria a potential customer will use in judging your business.  Do they like to look at your sign, or is it out of date, unattractive, or less than useful?  If your sign fits into any of these categories, customers will think your business fits into that category also.  Professional sign designers have a long history of designing signs that will maximize your operation’s curb appeal, helping to bring in customers based on your sign alone.  They know what color combinations, font sizes, and information will bring people into your storefront and conversely what they need to stay away from.

Your company is special to you and you want to see it succeed.  Whether it is a local business or a national chain, you are going to be defined by your sign and a professional signage designer can work with you to ensure that definition is a positive one.






  1. I can confirm that the appearance of a storefront has a huge effect on whether or not I’m willing to shop there. There’s been a few situations where I see two stores of the same kinds of products and I end up choosing whichever one has the most professional looking sign. I think any company that can afford it should have their sign professionally made!

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