Compliant Signs – Working with the City and Your Landlord


If you thought that designing a sign, and having it made, was a simple matter, think again.

The fact is, you can’t simply choose any size sign, and any design, and hope that you are getting compliant signage. There’s a little more that goes into the process, and in this article, we look at what makes for compliant signage, and how you can make sure yours is.

City Regulations

Your first stop, when making sure your signage is compliant, should be your local municipal office. Most of these offices will have a department who deals with signage, and who can tell you where your signage is allowed to be posted, what size it is allowed to be, and any other specific city regulations that apply.

Dealing with city sign regulations can be a nightmare of red tape too, with different areas having different rules, and different types of signs having different regulations. Then there are regulations about size, height, width, where you can place signage, and for how long. Get any of it wrong, and you risk a fine or being forced to remove the sign. In many cities, you can’t even install certain types of signs unless you use a registered and certified sign company!

Specific Regulations

Ensuring that your signage is compliant doesn’t stop with the city though. If you are renting your premises, or even if you own premises in certain business parks or developments, there’s a good chance that either your landlord, or the HOA (Home Owners Association) of the park, will have their own regulations.

A good idea is to check the architectural or other guidelines for your building or business park, or if there aren’t any, have your landlord or governing body committee give their permission for your proposed signage in writing.   You should always ensure that both the city and your landlord or governing body give you written permission, in case their memory gets fuzzy in the future.

Work With Your Sign Company

A good sign companies will know what makes for compliant signage in their area, at least as far as city regulations go.   The key is making an effective sign that attracts and retains customers that is also compliant.  The simple truth is, buying non-compliant signage is a costly exercise.

Picture courtesy of Greenberry Construction, Corvalis, OR

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