Consistent Signage Attracts Repeat Customers


Ask any business owner what they work the hardest at and you will invariably hear the same thing; retaining loyal customers.  So when you’re putting out great product at your different locations, why would you want to jeopardize that relationship? When you’re operating a small business with multiple locations or even a franchise why would you want to somehow differentiate yourself from that success? Having franchise signs which are consistent and immediately recognizable are essential to earning consistent and repeat business. Many business owners might not realize how much potential business they are losing because they haven’t invested in consistent signage.

Here are three reasons why franchise signs can stand out by not standing out: 

Compatibility: Compatibility with loyal customers’ past positive experiences at other franchise store equates to patronage at your current franchise owned store. Multiple location business signs that are consistent to company  branding standards are eye-catching and comforting to loyal customers.  More customers equals more revenue from brand loyal consumers.

Consistency: If you are a franchisee of a popular chain but have different signs at your tenant location repeat customers could easily overlook your business. People who are traveling like to know what to expect about places they dine. If for some reason your franchise signs are different, you could be missing out on increased business opportunities.

Comfort in Conformity: People like to see things in some kind of order. That’s not to say that you can’t add your own personal flair to your business, but when you’re trying to retain repeat customers consistent signage is paramount.  The comfort in conformity metrics can’t be overstated; from golden arches to mouse ears.

Of course you need to have a consistent sign that’s going to speak about who your business is and help convey your products quality.


  1. Excellent points Tom. It amazes me when I see a second location of a business with completely different signage. It makes you wonder if it is even the same company. If you are going to get any leverage with your brand as a business owner, image consistency (including signage) is critically important. That is part of what built McDonald’s – and it can build smaller businesses as well.

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