Consistent Signage is Key to Franchise Success


One of the keys to a successful franchise is communicating that all your locations are part of the same company. Of course, a similar range of products and services that are available will directly communicate this information to the customer.  Coordinated and consistent franchise signs will also communicate the same message. The “look and feel” of every location should be as similar as possible. When a customer walks into any location, they should feel as if they already know the place. Think of any big box retailer or successful restaurant chain; seeing the same signs in the same formats and colors creates a sense of trust and comfort in the customers.


Depending on the size of the franchise, the development of a sign package may be done by an in-house marketing team or by a hired design consultant. For smaller franchises, the work may be performed by the owner and his location managers.

In any of these cases, the knowledge and expertise of a reputable commercial sign should be sought. These companies can offer valuable advice on everything about the design of franchise signs from the most effective colors, through the best size and fonts to use for legibility. Armed with this information, a design team can more efficiently and cost-effectively develop the right signage strategy for any sized franchise.


Design is only the first step in implementing a sign strategy. Next, the correct materials and format must be chosen for the signs. Again a commercial sign company can advise on the best materials for indoor or outdoor use, customization options and any economies of scale that can be used in the production process. Installation is another consideration. A sign company can detail the installation options for the design team.

Commercial Sign Companies

A reputable commercial sign company is an invaluable asset in performing these activities. They must have the necessary resources and expertise to produce identical, high quality signs. In addition, they should have the right quality control systems to guarantee that complete sign packages are shipped to the correct locations in a timely manner. Lastly, they should have the resources to properly and affordably manage the installation of the signs at the franchise locations.

Simply stated, a good commercial sign company can advise or completely manage the development, manufacture and installation of franchise signs for a company. They can ensure that every location gets the right “look and feel.”


  1. People know what product they are buying when they go into a restaurant or a hardware store when they see a sign they are familiar with. They associate a good feeling based on the ease of the layout of a store or the great customer service they received while shopping.

  2. Lonnie Layman says:

    I tend to hate the McDonalds signs.
    Yes, they are recognizable, but the ARCHES thing is old.
    I like when they use the retro McDonalds look that you see occasionally. I believe their signs gives thoughts of unhealthy food and Super Size Me.
    They have always had reasons or chances to change, incorporate the Golden Arches in to something new, but haven’t and probably never will.
    They are succesful, what can you say.

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